Sweet Little Lies, solo exhibition by Beate Marston.

Saturday, April 11th 5pm-9pm

"Sweet little lies"

The incongruities of human individual and social behavior are the source of inspiration for Beate Marston's work.

Her most recent mini-series, "Sweet little lies", deals with the observation that, generally speaking, we "can't handle the truth" as the movie quote so aptly goes. It looks at our need to smooth out our social interactions by avoiding "the ugly truths" and opting instead for the sweet little lies we tell ourselves and others, so that we can face the world safely wrapped in our illusional coats of niceness.

The pieces have been hand built from red earthenware, colored with underglazes, then partially glazed and fired. Care has been taken to convey the subtleties of the theme in the expression of the individual piece and on the surface finish. The deliberate use of glaze serves to underscore the incongruences that have been dealt with thematically.

CHARLIE PARKER pottery studio .