Want to take class with Charlie Parker? 

1. Learn

Get an up close and personal pottery lesson from Charlie Parker himself. With over 40 years of experience, Charlie has to learned the best techniques for helping beginners be successful on the wheel. 


2. Start your wheel

Take all the stuff you just learned from Charlie and apply it (with Charlie's help of course) to the the clay in front of you. 
Get dirty and create something awesome! 


3. Enjoy Yourself

Feel free to bring in any snack or beverage of your choice. Wine, beer or whatever else you may want is completely fine!

Must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages!


4. Paint your piece

Now that you have created some amazing pottery. Get creative and paint your piece however you'd like. Mix and match colors, swirl it, or keep it simple. It's up to you! 


5. Pick it up

After we fire your piece 2 times, it'll be ready for you to pick up. Give us a week or so to complete your work and please call first to confirm its ready. The piece you made is food/microwavable safe. Enjoy!